Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June 1, 2021

“Forever and a day”30x40-$1850.00

 Hello friends... I can’t believe summer is here!! Finally!  It’s been a whirlwind of a year for me... with Two new grand babies - one in January and one in February! I’ve just been totally distracted until I get to a show and realized I haven’t updated my website! I’ve been painting a lot too! 

I’ve got lots of plans for this summer though... new work, maybe I’ll change totally?? I’m a little burned out on my art but I’ll always go back to it! I know it!! I spent the last few weeks doing some shows and painting big art! Here’s an update of my new work...

“Midnight Garden”- 36x36-$2400.00

Blossom honey- 24x36-$1250.00


In full Bloom- 48x48-$5800.00

“Joyful Journey”-36x48-$2200.00 sold

“Please don’t eat the daisies”- $ 1850.00

“Mermaid Kisses”15x36  $750.00

“Come sail away”-24x24-$1100.00

“My paradise”-24x36-$1450.00

A mermaids heart-12x48-$1200.00-sold

One sunny day- 11x14-$250

Flower power-12x24-$475

I dream in pink-12x12-$225

Wild roses 10x20-$325

If you’re interested in anything please email me.  Until next post! ❤️

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Anybody. Need some illustrations!

 Hi there Can’t believe it’s already February. These last few month have felt like they are dragging, but when I think about it already being February it seems like- already?  I know it’s because I’m not doing many shows anymore.  It’s hard to not be on the move much anymore! I went from at least 2-3 shows a month to 1-2 every three months. I know it’s been hard on everyone! Hopefully things will change soon! I saw a meme where it seems like the world is burning and there’s a guy in the mist yelling “ anyone need any illustrations?“ Yup that’s me! I look on the bright side, people including me need to have fun and beautiful things to look at when the world seems so chaotic!

It’s been a crazy but exciting year for me, I became grandmother for the first time, a little boy named Brylan. He’s captured my heart  

and to make it even crazier.. today I have a new grandson coming! were just waiting for news!! 

So I’m not painting as much as I used to but, I’ll be posting on here some of my newest artwork. Let me know what you think and if anyone’s interested in anything let me know.. I'll be posting links soon on where to purchase.  Thanks for stopping by! 

"Its an orchid kinda day" 24x24 $425

           "Senorita"20x30 $650

"Tiffany Blue"20x30 $650

"in the good old days"24x36 $1400

"please don't eat the daisies" 30x40 $1850

"Valentine"16x16 $300

"hello, pretty birdie" 20x20 $385

"Pears Galore" 30x30 $850

 "I carry my heart with me- 12x40 $950

 "yesterday once more" 12x12- $265

Monday, November 30, 2020

 Hello lovelies... lately I've been working on some adorable wood blocks. I haven't done these in a while but I just love to work on raw wood! Whimsical little paintings on wood. They're so cute to just put on a bookshelf or table.. And I just love the clean vintage feel of the wood. Hope you like... now on Etsy 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

 Hi Welcome to my blog. I haven't posted in a long time just cause life gets in the way. Today however, I decided to close down my website.. its such a huge expense and I can just post here and its a little more personal. I love connecting with people and even though I can do that on my website, its less specific and personal, so here's where i'll be from now on and you can comment on anything you like or just watch what I'm up to if you like.

 I also decided I'll do a few little instructive lessons on art. please follow me, I promise I'll keep up posting new work and new adventures. where I'll be this coming year.. if anywhere, doing shows has been cray cray.. but then what hasn't, this year? right!! Oh, I cant wait until life gets back to normal; hopefully, and I'm praying, things will just get normal again!! Right now I have plans to do a show in West Palm Beach, Fl- Rosemary Square on December 5-6, if you're nearby, please stop and just say hi. I won't be doing any shows after that but In January,  I will be back, hopefully, doing all the regular shows and cross your fingers, nothing will be cancelled. If you would like to know where I'll be in the future, please go here to see all the shows..artfestival.com. I will most likely be  participating in all the ones in red letters. Meanwhile, I have an online virtual artshow going on at The artful elf , where I've got some adorable Christmas ornaments I've created. This will be my 4th year creating these and I just love doing it! Come by and take a peek. I've also got just a few art prints that are ready for shipping for the holiday season! I also have my Etsy shop, Where from now on you'll be able to purchase directly, everything including available originals. So now I'll leave you with a pic of how I see myself...just dancing around and enjoying the last little bit of this crazy year.. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!! Bye 2020!! 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Girl with a mask...

Girl with a mask

I'm feeling torn. I sometimes think I have art ADD! I'm in love with faces but flowers... oh.. the textures, the color combinations! and then i have a moment when all I can do is draw cute illustrations.. I feel like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz... confused, overwhelmed! I want to do it all and sometimes its so overwhelming I do nothing at all! my days are filled with dancing fairies in my head and color schemes and since i can't do both at the same time I just procrastinate! I clean my art room or a closet while I find old art i couldn't figure out what to do with. sometimes I think I need management! someone who says.. ok.. today you're going to concentrate on making 2 mermaids (gotta be specific)... you cannot get paid , eat or take a break until they are finished! Sometimes it helps to pretend I'm my own boss and I tell myself what the priorities are for the day. That is the hardest thing to do because then I mix in the house chores and errands and things i have to do on a personal level. I seem to work so much better on a last minute "its now or never" basis! Art shows really help but again I get home from a show on Sunday. I rest on Monday (meaning its shipping day (21/2-4 hours for wrapping, labeling and taking orders to post office) Usually will have time for little else. Tuesday.. is movie day cause its $5 tuesdays! yay! and then its dinner and Im too tired for painting after that! Wednesday is procrastination day... cause I can't figure out what I want to paint and Thursday is panic day cause I usually leave on Friday's for shows and I have got to paint something!! so I stay up all night painting at the last minute on Thursday' wondering why I do what I do!! Then its weekend shows and the cycle begins again! UGH!
I love being off for a couple of weeks from shows. It gives me time to recoup from the procrastination-rush-procrastination cycle.

Thats why I am so happy when someone gives me a set project that I have to get done or else! I said last month I felt like new things were going to happen and just then ... I got an invite for something super special.. with direction! with deadlines! with a set theme! super excited to tell you all about it.. but I can't...wa wa wa... not yet! But please stay tuned cause its just around the corner! I'll anounce it on MAY 1ST!!  Come back!! cant wait to tell you!!

Hello again..

3 27 2019

 Hello again..  

                                                                     The Guardians

I've re-emurged!  Yes I'm alive! After a 5 year long hiatus. I am attempting another comeback on my blog... Why? well many reasons. but most importantly, I miss connecting with people and hearing their thoughts and well, getting my thoughts out too. I need an outlet, even if no one reads it! Oh, I still connect on instagram and facebook but blogging is more than social chit chat.. it's a whole journal of thoughts and a different kind of connection. As in a journal, I can write my every thought, and include tid bits of anything I want. I've missed it. I know I don't have too much time because I'm always working, but its so interesting to see where I was when I started this blog. To look back and see where I started doing shows in 2011-12 is very interesting. Now 8 years later, I'm pretty established as an artshow exhibitor "en plein-air" of sorts. I've had ups, downs, and changed my train of thought so many times. I've changed art, gotten better, I think, in some ways and in others I've forgotten the primitive, the rawness and simplicity of my first "public" exhibitions of art. Sometimes I want to go back and start all over to that simplicity. This Blog gives me that. even if I don't post often or only just for me.This year there will be more changes and lots of exciting things to look forward to... I'll be posting about them soon. Meanwhile I'll leave with a few pieces of my new work...
"up and away"- clay and cloth sculpture (shadow box with trinkets) (available on website)

"it's my party" clay sculpture (cigar box lid with ephemera-cloth dress-trinkets) (available on website) 

"You are loved" mixed media original (available only as print- website)