Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June 1, 2021

“Forever and a day”30x40-$1850.00

 Hello friends... I can’t believe summer is here!! Finally!  It’s been a whirlwind of a year for me... with Two new grand babies - one in January and one in February! I’ve just been totally distracted until I get to a show and realized I haven’t updated my website! I’ve been painting a lot too! 

I’ve got lots of plans for this summer though... new work, maybe I’ll change totally?? I’m a little burned out on my art but I’ll always go back to it! I know it!! I spent the last few weeks doing some shows and painting big art! Here’s an update of my new work...

“Midnight Garden”- 36x36-$2400.00

Blossom honey- 24x36-$1250.00


In full Bloom- 48x48-$5800.00

“Joyful Journey”-36x48-$2200.00 sold

“Please don’t eat the daisies”- $ 1850.00

“Mermaid Kisses”15x36  $750.00

“Come sail away”-24x24-$1100.00

“My paradise”-24x36-$1450.00

A mermaids heart-12x48-$1200.00-sold

One sunny day- 11x14-$250

Flower power-12x24-$475

I dream in pink-12x12-$225

Wild roses 10x20-$325

If you’re interested in anything please email me.  Until next post! ❤️

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  1. Hello Patti,

    I know you from a show in Raleigh, NC but live in Sarasota now. I saw you last year, or the year before (!)at St. Armonds. I saw a painting I would like a canvas or paper copy of but can't find it on your websites. It's a mermaid in a boat with pink flowers all around her.
    Love your art, it makes me happy and my home beautiful.