Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blog Give away!!

Ok... I have been MIA on this blog for a very long time!! OOPs!  but I still love you guys, just been busy with life and art.. I so prefer to do art than any other thing... but the good news is I am so excited to be a part of this great great new class ...Soul Food...

OMG.. I'm excited and nervous about it too.. I've never done an online class! but I will be one (1) of the many "sous chefs" in this WONDERFUL art class that begins in 2014...really it  is so much more.. its a class full of incredible artists that  will be sharing their art and heart with you !!  they will also be sharing wonderful food recipes that feed the soul!!...... 

Here's just a little bit more about it...


My Interview will be Today.. on Mysteles blog starting today  I will be giving away ONE spot to a lucky winner.. if you have already signed up you can give it away or get credit for workshop...

The class runs January 2014- June 2014 but you will have access until December 2014 to do all the classes!

the Giveaway spot will start today September 26 and end one week from today..October 2...please leave a comment on my blog... what nourishes your soul?  And if you would like a double entry just share this on facebook, twitter, your blog, etc.. .. show me the link and you get an extra entry!  and just to add a little honey to the pot..( I Love honey! )... I will also give one(1) consolation prize.. a cute original 5x7 mixed media custom piece made just for you!! kinda like this;but with your beautiful self  or some one special if you prefer! 

If you would like more info just hope over Here
ps...please and follow me here or facebook or both! :)


Maggie said...

Art nourishes my soul: creating, viewing, flipping through pages of art books and magazines, and artsy blogs. I am sorely lacking creating right now and need to change that!

woodandfabric said...

How other artists work inspire me. We have a local art journal club and I love to look at others how they work with the same stuff but differently. Look at them playing with paints, paste, very inspiring!
Thank's for a chance on this giveaway

runscrap said...

Art nourishes my soul : playing with paintings, seing artsy blogs, look at my son and our life. Smile and enjoy life... (Sorry for my bad English !) Thank you for this giveaway.

Susan said...

When I become quiet, the deep, inner quiet that so very often eludes me, I am nourished. Making opportunity to do art (or gardening) quiets that yapping, inner voice. As I lose myself in the task at hand, the chaos of life falls away and I am at peace.

A Candied World said...

Oh I'm excited about this! I've LOVED your work since I discovered you on Facebook and have since been a faithful follower!
Art nourishes my soul a little too much at times! I subscribe to a MILLION artists blogs that I go through every day as well as following art and artists on Instagram and Facebook. Classes are my favorite!
I just love art! I love how it makes me feel, the look of it, the peacefulness, the busyness of it, the chaotic art, the quiet art, every single bit of it!

Kristin said...

Firstly I'd like to say holy crap!! I just discovered you through mystele's site and I am in looooove with your work!! I am so excited to have found you! I really hope I am able to learn from you :)

And what nourishes my soul is my friends and family and creating art. I would be nothing without them, they are the pillars that support me and urge me to push forward. Creating is the outlet I need to get all the emotions I keep inside out so that my soul continues to have room to soar.

Now I'm off to explore your site and work more and share you on facebook, i'll be back with that link! :) :)

Kristin said...

I have posted your link on my facebook page! its

Catherine Constance said...

Art definitely nourishes my soul, without it, I wouldn't be able to create magic... :)
Thank you so much for a chance to win a spot a the course. Am sharing on facebook too. :)

Heather Williams said...

Hello, Patti! I really enjoyed reading your interview & learning more about you. I, too, enjoyed drawing & doodling different characters, w/ much of it during school hours. :) many things nourish my soul, but my faves are: time at the beach, walks in nature; especially, hand in hand w/ my hubby & our son, snuggles from my little love kitty, time creating in my studio....& time w/ family & dear friends.

Thank you so very much for the beautiful & generous opportunity!! ~H♥~

May Terry said...

Music nourishes my soul. I play the concertina. I love looking at others' art but have no artistic talent myself.

Trish said...

ME time definitely nourishes my soul and that usually involves drawing and painting my Big-Eyed Girls! Love your art, Patti!

Renee G said...

Art nourishes my soul for sure. I would be lost with out it. God nourishes my children...I am so excited to have a chance to birthday is coming up on the 6th would be a great suprise! hint hint! lol love your art!

PBsArtStudio said...

Thank you girls all the comments!

Cathy P said...

Definitely painting, creating, learning, doing crafts, enjoying the sun and fresh air, seeing other inspiring artists, and being with people I love.

Thank you for the chance to win Patti! Can't wait to take the class, love your work :)

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Without a doubt! Art nourishes my soul as well. My husband and kids run a very close second though ;-)

Thanks for the chance to win, Patti!

Cristi Clothier

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Just shared on Facebook !

B @ Sweet Limes said...

creating art nourishes my soul, but I don't get nearly enough time in for that right now. I find that good solid time with my kids really does the trick as well.

tutorial girl said...

My acrylic paint and messy art apron and my sewing machine, this is all that I need at the end at the day, when kids finally go to sleep, and my party could start. Sometimes I play with them too, and the process is different, but fun too.
I would like to get a spot on this, if I'm not too late with my comment.

Lura said...

certainly art nourishes the soul and also heals. that is what i believe. being handicapped, it pulled me up and lifted me up. and gave me a new beginning to life. i found charity wings and a way to do something good in the world instead of having a pity party. i love the inspiration from all different artist and patti, you sure know how much i love you. and dont be nervous, you are amazing. love you gf. xoxoxoxoxo

Tania Cern said...

Art and nature nourish my soul. Enjoyed your interview!

Anonymous said...

My Family Nourishes my soul along with the love of Jesus as the center of our lives. I love doing art and my granddaughter Jillian does I would love to win...Thanks for sharing...Blessings Toni

suzanne waters said...

The beach, squishing the sand between my toes, sunrise and sunset on the water...These things nourish my soul. Texts and calls from my college age daughter nourish my soul she is such a joy it revives me :) unexpected calls from my 5 year old granddaughter Emma nourish my soul. She has the sweetest most innocent expressive voice it just makes my whole body smile to hear her and takes away any worries I might be having at the time :) Love from my therapy dog Duke nourishes my soul. he loves me unconditionally and follows me around the house constantly watching my every move his kisses are wonderful and he loves me everyday. Spending time with my finace Ron nourishes my soul because he accepts me and my brain damage and ptsd from war. He encourages me to be me and create art in any form! All of these things nourish my soul and allow me to be a better person, artist, friend, neighbor, mother, nanny neighbor. I would love to be chosen for a spot in class but if not I would still like info on how to attend :)

Deb Wilson Harris said...

I wake up every morning with a little dog who likes to snuggle with me. She climbs in bed and puts her face in my neck. Nourishing my soul with sweetness.

Anonymous said...

Try #2 :| Soul nourished by my art, kids, astrology, Buddhist practice and friends. <3 Glad to see you are doing a lot of art!!! Shelley O

Charissa Struble said...

Art nourishes my soul. Travel nourishes my soul. Writing nourishes my soul. Treasure hunting nourishes my soul. Making new friends nourishes my soul. My soul is nourished daily by beautiful people and experiences! :)

Libby said...

Oh definitely the Ocean...the wonder of the sunrise with the water like diamonds and the first gull cry as the sun appears...the crashing waves....there be mermaids out there!

Libby said...

Libby Thompson shared a link on FB
13 minutes ago
Many of my patients have asked about my friend Patti Ballard and her ART that is displayed around my office (and home)! Here is a link to her blog and some info about an awesome online art/cooking? class coming up in January 2014. Count me IN!
PbsArtStudio: Blog Give away!!

fuikhvgjkguug said...



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