Thursday, September 20, 2012

well its been almost two weeks since I got back from the Yellow Daisy show... I have to say it was a beautiful place... Stone Mountain Ga. but I love the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, and even took the Marta.. well to me that's a big deal! where i live I haven't taken a bus since freshman year of High School... we don't have a cool transit system like Atlanta, New York or Chicago! So I always feel like a kid on my first train ride! lol! I had lots of fun and met some great people but was a little disappointed in the show itself but although was nice to do...once... I won't go back.  I'll have to try some other show.. I wanted to upload some new work but got distracted on you tube so I wanted to share this video.. I so love it.. the song.. They are such a great group... this group "Fun."
and my all time favorite group "train" are both amazing so I'll upload both and just a my latest big painting which I so love.. I think it will be a trending style for me...They all thought she was scandalous...she threw caution to the wind!
Till next time.. have a great week.. tootaloo!


Lesley said...

Hi there, sorry the show was a disappointment. I am from Canada and on Peach Tree TV that show was advertised, I thought of you when I came for a visit before. We all have shows that don't make it the next time around. I love your artwork. So inspiring. This latest piece is adorable.
Take care and keep creating.

PBsArtStudio said...

Hi Lesley.. Thanks for stopping by.. it wasn't a total disappointment.. just not as good as I expected and the amount of people there was astonishing, it just wasn't worth the time and effort to go so far for a show where most people where there for a fun day out not even looking in the booths.. oh well you gotta live and learn and move on! thanks for the sweet comment!


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