Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good morning! It's a beautiful day here! I am so excited that fall and winter
will be coming soon! of course here in Florida sometimes it doesn't start till October! mostly near Halloween but today there is a light breeze! YaY! we can breathe!

I started cleaning my art room! wow, I didn't realize I had so much stuff!!! and boy am I messy!I don't even know where to begin to organize my shelves!! I am a terrible organizer and can't make up my mind what to keep either! oh what a chore! I knew when I started I wouldn't know which way to go...
So much stuff??? Where did it come from?

That was just two sides of the room!!!!

I have so many pieces of artwork that I started and then forgot to finish because what I do is start a piece and then leave it to dry and start another and go back to the first but if I get caught up in something then I forget where I was at and since my art room looks alike a tornado hit it I 'll forget about it! Lol! I hope I'm not the only one who does things like that or I'll think I have short term memory or some sort of memory lapse!

anyway here are a few pieces I've been working on. I haven't put up much on Etsy as Originals go because I have a few big artshows to do starting the last week of September so I'm saving them for that!

Oh and thank you to all who are participating in my giveaway! I can't wait to see what I will doing... if anybody else wants to join just go to the giveaway post
and find out how...

Also I am having a sale in my shop.. all prints are buy two get one free and Free shipping till the 14th of September.

Have a wonderful day!


Stephanie Gentry said...

There's some good lookin loot in that pile of lost and forgotten works!
Oh, Autumn! The colored and falling leaves, the drop in temperature, better T.V. programming (hahahahaha). I am anticipating the change too.

Sophia said...

A ha!! I'm doing that very thing. Of course I'm being forced to clean out my art room as I'm getting ready to move and am discovering I have ALOT of stuff! :)

Adore your new paintings. I still have that one you sent me last year hanging on my wall at my desk at work. LOVE It.


NatashaMay said...

These are so gorgeous! :) Hope you get to organize your stuff soon. :) I wouldn't want to be in your shooes. :)

Catherine Darling said...

Hi Patti, I enjoyed reading about you on ebsq blogger of the week. I think your art is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Adriann said...

Hi, I found you through ESBQ and immediately fell in love with your work. Amazing! I feel your pain with organizing your art room. I recently began sketching and have way too much scrapbook stuff all over the house. My husband is not the happiest person. lol! Good luck with your clean up. I'm sure once you are done it will make for some awesome artwork.

Nessa Pretty Days said...

i really really really love your art! this inspires me so so much!


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