Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So little time, so much to do!

Hello everyone, I've had so little time, and I feel like its been forever since I've caught up on my blog and all of your wonderful blogs! , I have really worked so much this week and last and most important my two eldest kids had their birthdays,My
Daughter Lauren on the 11th and Son Brett today!!:( I always get so nostalgic about that! I feel like God blessed me so much with my family, and I so wish I could do it all over again!! Happy Birthday, my Angels!
To make matters worse my camera broke! :( so I can't show you any new art, but I'm shopping around!, I am limited in the amount of money I can spend so I really need advice... I also need a new phone so I'm thinking about buying a 4G iphone but I really don't know if the camera is good enough to take pics that I can print or at least get a good image to upload on the web, I will get a better camera later but for now, I'm thinking maybe I can kill two birds with one stone by buying the iphone and using it for all the things I need.... does anyone have any advice or recomendations?
I haven't really had much time for any new art, just trying to finish all my projects... and I don't have much to show you but here's a painting I had finished a while back, did I mention, sometimes it takes me forever to get them up on Etsy? any way hope you like! "The Ballerina"
"Busy bees"

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Leila West said...

I totally understand on taking forever to get posted to Etsy. I FINALLY uploaded some pendant I'd made a little while back, lol.

Love the ballerina and such cute little bees!

Micki said...

I have no advice on the phone or camera, I still think I need to trade in my camera for a better one but I am clueless about these things!!

I love your ballerina painting, she is a stunner, although she is different from your usual work, you can still tell that it is one of yours :)

Micki x

Soggy Dog Studios said...

Loving these!!!! :) xox - Kim

Diane said...

Always love coming here--always!! I'm no expert on the technical stuff either--but I know that my son loves his I phone.

Isabel said...

Love the painting and you know I know Nothing on cameras!!:O)

nacherluver said...

Happy B-day to the kids. I feel the bitter sweet.
Great new pieces!

... said...

hey o received my purchase today and loved it. i will love it more when i';ll be able to see it in natural light tomorrow..the woes of working late shifts.

i'll definitely come back for more :>

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Beautiful paintings, I love them both !

Linda R said...

I'm thinking to myself "this might be a bit long and boring LOL"...I don't know how I've not come across your blog before, but having today off (yes another have to j-o-b so I can buy MORE supplies) I ended up checking several blogs my favorite blogs follow and THERE you were! I started digging to find where you are because I thought "I hope she is close" but alas you aren't....I love your Blog!!! I especially loved the post about finding your purpose and I could have written the same blog myself. One thing I think I've learned is that helping loving and being purposeful to others isn't about our job label (thank goodness). While it appears as tho those that have a label like nurse, or mailman have a special purpose/service that may not prove true. Remember nurse Ratchett? Well, I have found that as you are passing through (even on a blog) you have an effect on others and their journey. Someone gave me an old writing once that essentially said that down here looking up the tapestry God is weaving appears to have no rhyme or reason, is scattered strings everywhere, knots all over the place BUT from where he sits looking down it is the most incredible beautiful masterfully created tapestry!! I love that. Every thread every movement makes a difference. Your art is so wonderful!!!!! you just keep doing what you are doing....I am in every direction - one day scrapbooking, next week learning to solder jewelry, then beads find my eye, and now drawing/painting...trying to find my true self, my niche - what am I really good at?? But it takes exploring, being brave, silly stuff too. I have done 2 things to help myself - BOTH have rocked my world as I knew it ;-) I found a church that has Beth Moore bible studies on Tuesday nights(she teaches women and is amazing - we watch a DVD and discuss - I never knew it could be like this) AND on the business side of it - I dared to take my first e-course and was hoping it was not just rah rah, you can do it stuff. WELL IT WASN'T - I didn't have the $ really, and waited til the final week I could sign up and JUST DID IT. It has changed my life - I bought Kelly Rae Roberts book and took her "Flying Lessons" ecourse. I have saved literally years of learning curve and meet hundreds of like minded women and it feels so good. So you just keep doing what you are doing - I'm enjoying and following you now too - we never know what miracle awaits around the corner - you just have to be still and listen for the whisper that speaks to our souls. *I am wanting an iphone as well and was told to get the last version before the new one - save a ton of $ and there isn't much difference. As for a camera I don't have anything fancy and I don't think we have to...from the blogs I've read on photography it's about picture TAKING and vision more than the power of the camera....I would wait and see what message comes up before buying anything (unless on e-bay like I did)to get by for now. Canon Powershot SD1200 ;-) Hope you stop by and we stay in touch - I can't wait to see what amazing things are in store for you!!

Kerri said...

love the paintings you were able to share!


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