Friday, October 1, 2010

"Pondering" life's purpose

Hmmm, This is a warning, might be a bit boring and long too!...this post is a very "thinkative" that a word?... I don't think so but It really captures what I want to say, so today I'm making it a word!...

Coming home from work tonight, I heard on a radio show, here in Fl. (don't know if it's heard anywhere else in the US called the "Delilah" show.. (love it) there's dedications and stories and songs,Tonight she talked to a man about how everyone has a purpose in life, That God gives us all a calling, It made me think.. Well what is that calling for me... I don't really know, could art be considered a calling, I don't know how that can help anyone though except maybe decorate their home or hopefully have some deep meaning to their personal life. I know that when I like an art piece, It's that... I just love it, the way it makes me feel, or the way it reminds me of something, but could that really be my only purpose in life? make something cute...Ha! I can't barely sell it let alone make it a purpose in my life!! so ... is there more? Have I not yet heard my calling? cause I'm not getting any younger here! How do I find it? I kind of envy the nurses, teachers, missionaries, policemen, firemen and all those that do public service, even the garbage collectors do us a great service, they do a job that no-one wants, but we all couldn't live without!, they live for helping others( by putting themselves in danger even or sacrificing their time and sometimes their family too!...(Here's a great big star to you(you're better to me than any athlete or celebrity!!!) but how have I helped anyone? yeah I've raised three kids, that was a calling I guess, but they are young adults now, I'm pretty much done there....I once took a little old lady from my Moms nursing home for a bogus ride thinking I was helping her!( you can read about that here...under #5, its a pretty kooky story, being that I'm sometimes really naive!)I would love to help others, just don't know where to start(don't like volunteering, I'm too shy for that, ??.......ugh, I hope I hear that calling one day...

Well I told you this would be a boring post... sorry, just had to get that off my chest, I sometimes, think of things like that... Am I strange? Probably, but I guess I was in one of these moods when I painted this painting, almost two years ago, and it really fits this post, so I'm going to post it just cause it fits! LOL!

Well I guess I leave you with my thoughts, love to hear what everyone thinks, does anyone else think about this stuff?

Have a great weekend all!


Leila Gervais said...

You aren't strange for wondering what your calling or purpose is. I know I've had those thoughts many a years over.

I have no solutions, just a thought that you will one day figure it out. After years of wondering, I've finally put into motion the initial steps to change my life (hopefully) for the better, and not work "just a job" anymore and step into a career where I will be happy while also helping others.

I hope you can one day soon find your calling.

Micki said...

I wish I had some words of wisdom for you Patti but I am 35 years old and still tying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up :)

Hugs for you and thank you for your comment on my interview, you made me smile :)

Micki x

Diane said...

If you're truly happy in your life, no matter what "you do" then you've reached your purpose. It has to start from within yourself before you can spread this to others--I know this. And don't think that your art doesn't have a purpose--it does--it makes people happy--I know this. Just by meeting people who have purchased my art--I can't believe that I make people smile like this. Even if you've only sold on the internet or gave a piece to someone--know that you've made them happy.

Isabel said...

Not strange, we all ponder these thoughts and Im sure everyday, I know I do, I have no answers but I do know that living every moment is the best thing to do, I am a worrier and I have had to stop and not try to worry about what if or the future and just focus on the now. I feel Art heals in not only making it also in purchasing it, your Art has meaning and stories and other people see that and are drawn to it:O) I know thats how I found this Blog:O)Will we ever know our purpose? I dont know but grasp those strong feelings that you have of Helping and just do it you are already there really with this wonderful BLOG:O) Sorry so long Lots of hugs:O)

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Hi Patti
Seriously.....I feel I could have written the exact same post most days. I'm 51, I've raised 3 boys, I'm loving art, not sure if it's a calling or not. Many times I wish I could sing...beautifully. So people call me when they get married or have a funeral service for a loved one. What an honor that would be to be asked to share a 'gift' that they want to remember for years.
I said this once to my son and he said, 'Mom, do you know how many people tell me they wish they could paint like you?' I never knew that. I think sometimes our gifts....whether we think they're anything great at all, do touch others in ways we never hear about.
I think your art is beautiful and it makes me smile so you are honoring your gift♥
Have a great weekend, this painting adorable by the way!!

pinkglitterfae said...

I didn't find this post boring at all, I love when people think out loud :-)
Who said we have to have a calling? Ok, I know, it was Delilah, lol! (I love her by the way, listen to her when she does the Christmas shows)
I think each one of us is valuable because we are here, we don't need to do anything deemed 'important' to be worthy. Not everyone is drawn to the professions you mention, and not everyone would do well in them.

Now can you tell me that Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, or any other artists should feel like they are less worthy, because after all, they only paint pretty pictures, lol? Do you feel better now :-)
Besides, you have raised 3 children, and that is not an easy thing to do. I think you should just do whatever makes you happy, maybe that's the best gift we can make of our lives.
Love the post, and the painting!

WrightStuff said...

Interesting question. I think it's more about doing what you were 'meant' to do. I don't think that thing necessarily has to save the world or make a difference to thousands of lives - after all, if we all did that then wouldn't life be too perfect? It's taken me a while but I believe that creativity is my 'calling'. I might never sell another painting or ever get published (and I still need to sell a whole truck load more to even break even on the money I've spent on supplies!). The thing is, it's doing that special thing. For some it might well be putting out fires and rescuing damsels in distress. It may be brain surgery or it could be gardening, teaching or just being a lazy bum! That's my thoughts on the subject!!

*Linda Pinda* said...

Not boring!!!

For me... a "calling" is in the traditional sense of "who" is doing the calling. When I hear that term, I think God. I know not everyone sees it the same way.

I told my husband how blessed I thought he was because he always knew he was called to use his talent as a musician. I added "what am I supposed to 'craft' for God?"

Days later, I got a call to teach art in a Christian school.

That really opened my eyes to the fact that I was "called" to do whatever I do for God. And it also reminded me that if we just ask... the answer will come.

There are so many different ways to make this world a better place regardless of what we "do". It's more HOW we do it. And I do think art can be a calling. Creating beauty evokes beauty in others. It's contageous!

My mama once told my brothers... "I don't care if you become garbage men... just be the best garbage men possible!"

I guess it all boils down to the same thing... whatever your heart feels drawn to, and fulfilled through... do it completely and with great love. The opportunities to spread joy, love, peace, healing, etc. will present themselves.

simplydelicious said...

I hear exactly what you are I guess we all do! I went back to school at 35 and became a psychiatric nurse because I loved working with suicidal patients. 5 years sister committed suicide. I think God puts us in the right place in the right time! I think you just have to find your passion and go for it! I've been painting now for the past few years and ready to give up nursing because I don't feel that it's my passion anymore....Here's to hoping you find yours!!! I know that your artwork is tremendously beautiful!

NatashaMay said...

I question that myself all the time. But I think that we're here to learn our whole life and that there cannot be just one thing we're meant to do. And I think there are very few people in the world that know their calling. All the rest is questioning themselves as well but they might be faking it for others. :)

Anonymous said...

well I still don't now my calling... but you have a wonderful family... so for a time that was your calling... One day it will smack you in the face... or not!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

thanks for sharing this interesting post. i guess it strikes a chord in many because at one time or another,many of us have asked the same questions. maybe we are not called to be just one thing and so we have to find that one thing. perhaps we just have to live our lives, whatever we are doing, with one purpose. perhaps the book "the purpose driven life" would speak to you.


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