Friday, September 24, 2010

Hi.. I am back from a wonderful anniversary mini vacation, well actually its been almost week already since I've been back but working a full time job now I'm completely exhausted!!! I wanted to show you guys a little peek at St. Augustine, oh I love it there so much, theres all kind of quaint little shops and cafes, and art galleries and whole in the wall(literally) places to eat and have a drink and listen to live music... but as you'll see in my pics is the old buildings and historical site, although, I have been to SA so many times I have seen the fountain of youth and the old fort so many times I didn't even go or take pics of them! I ate too much junk and barely slept but it was so worth it! LOL! Hope you like my pics taken just for you to share my mini vacation!

At the Beach... so beautiful!!!

Historical St George St. (St Augustine is the first city in the US, settled by the Spaniards)forgot the date :/

Lots of Arts and crafts :D

US first schoolhouse still stands today! sorry forgot dates ( I think early 1700's)

and my favorite!!! This is the countries oldest General store, the front was a drugstore in which today holds a museum of antique bottles of remedies and health and beauty products from early 1800's...

yes I had to look at all of them and take lots of picture because history and vintage fascinates me...

spent about 2 1/2 hours here...sugar pills!!!!

talcum powders!!

and hair ointments to beautify the hair!!!

my husband will swear I spent 9 hours here...He's not a happy little elf right now!!!

All St. Augustined out!!!!


Hope you liked you official St Augustine, Fl. tour!!!
Have a great week!!!


Isabel said...

Thank for sharing seems like a beautiful beach town, someday I hope to make it to Florida and see the sites:O) Great pictures:O)Have a great week too:O)

Micki said...

Love love love all the Apothecary bottles, I could spend hours looking at all of those too!!

Micki x

Diane said...

I loved it--I will remember this town--this is my kind of vacation!!

pinkglitterfae said...

welcome back,sounds like you had an awesome time there!
funny pic of your hubby though, lol! love how you called him an unhappy elf, haha!

Debbie Overton said...

St. Augustine is one of our favorite get-a-ways for the weekend. We love the beach and I can sit on the pier and people watch for hours! You will find lots of photos on my blog of SA that will probably be very familiar to you.

patty said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. We toured the whole US in 2001-2002 and I'm sorry we missed SA! We'll have to do it again some day.
Oh, and love, love, love the pics of your baby Lucy!!!

Pease Porridge said...

Oh man, what a fun town to explore and beautiful pics!
you asked me what paints I was talking about in my last post. They are Grumbacher. I have a pic of them on my new post.


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