Friday, June 4, 2010

Queen of Dreams

Queen of Dreams
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Yes that's me ... Queen of Dreams.. at least that's what my husband calls me , he says I have all these hair brain ideas, and I have to admit I do... but where would we all be without dreams right... The Disney Empire wouldn't be around, thats for sure and America would never have been discovered right? Just a little food for thought! I was reading my own "down " posts earlier and realized that "how funny" one minute we can be all down and negative about ourselves and another something happens and you start believing in yourself all over again... I have been taking Kelly Rae Robert's e- course and I have to say it's fantastic, it's got me all positive and dreaming once again! I really couldn't afford it but I just couldn't stop thinking about it once I found out about it and now I know it was meant to be. She's has been telling us how important it is to have goals and that everyone has fears (glad to know at least I'm not alone on that!) but you must learn to overcome them. I guess I'll start there, and stop being afraid of my own self!!! Hope you like my Queen of Dreams.. Now on Etsy. Have a great weekend everyone!


Kolleen said...

i love your Queen of Dreams!!!

and i love your reminder to all of us how important it is to have dreams....can't imagine life without Disney!!!

i, too have been flying and loving every minute of this e-course...but i have to be honest, i am struggling keeping up. there is SOOOOO much good stuff to soak in!!

hope you are having a magical friday!!!


justagirl said...

she is just beautiful and an inspiration, just like the person who created her... x

Annette Q said...

Hi Patti!
Me too,
I'm on Kelly Raes course too and I know what you mean. Theres been so much goodness going on that its got me buzzing.
Your Queen of Dreams is wonderful, your art is always so charming,
Have a lovely weekend :-)

Nicola said...

Lovely! Beautiful colours and textures! Lovely post too! :0)

simplydelicious said...

I am pleased to meet you! Love your your blog! Are you loving "Flying Lessons" as much as I am??



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