Sunday, May 30, 2010

Well, Its finally done... My youngest child, Wes turned 18 and graduated from High school all in one week, its been a busy week and haven't had much time for anything but now that it's over it's a bit bittersweet!, he's my baby and I really didn't want him to grow up! On the other hand, I feel that I have accomplished something, I still have to get used to the idea that he can make his own decisions and a bit worried about that too.. what if he makes the wrong decisions? but I guess we all in life have to make mistakes, right! I have been creating a lot though, I have so many new projects , i am one of those people who start something and then go on to another before i finish the first, don't know why i do that but i think it helps me to leave a project that i'm stuck on for a while until i have more inspiration. I just posted a new painting on Etsy, I'm not sure about this one, i made it over a month ago and haven't posted it because of this insecurity I'm having lately about my art?

IN my last post I told you all I have a new project, I am excited about it, I have a proposition from a company to create art for their project, Its a gourmet salsa and the theme is nautical, Florida kind of art. I have had a hard time with it though because i mostly create whimsical art and thats what they like about my art but how to mesh the two together has been a little difficult. so anyway thats my new inspiration, I've come up with whimsical turtles, pelicans, fish and of course more mermaids., so we'll see were this takes me. These are my newest mermaids
Hope you like! Have a great week everyone!


Brown Sugar Babies said...

Congrats on your new venture, and I love your art, its fabulous.

Isabel said...

I really love ur art and understand about ur insecurities. I believe as artist we put our heart and soul into our paintings and are allowing strangers to view a part of us, that is always scary.Rest assured ur art is awesome! Keep putting out the great work:O) Im new to the blog world and sharing my art so i completely understand! Have a great day of creating:O) Isabel

Diane said...

Don't ever doubt your art--you are one of my inspirations. I know how you feel, though--maybe because it's part of us that makes us so critical--but don't worry.

And congratulations on your new venture--how exciting!

pinkglitterfae said...

You, insecure???well get that insecurity out of your head, girl! you have wicked talent, you have your own style....but I do understand what you mean. We all go through that at some point. Love the new one with the dancing girls too.

Congrats on your baby growing up :-)

justagirl said...

congratulations on your new project! I am loving your new mermaids...

Sophia said...

I bet it feel delightful having your first grandson graduate! :)

I think we've all been there as far as dealing with insecurity with our artwork. I struggle with it bigtime, thus why my Etsy shop is not out on my blog right now. I feel patheic compared to the artists I'm surrounded by. :( Ugh!

YOUR artwork is amazing. I've told you over and over how it inspires and touches me. Don't stop. Your little girls are DARLING! :)

And congrats on your new project. Keep doodling and experimenting. Something will just "pop" and you'll know when it does.



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