Friday, April 23, 2010

I finally decided to stop in to my blog and say hello! I have no excuse except I've been in a slump, It all started the week of Easter... I got laid of from one of my jobs! The one i hated anyway but the way they did it made me so mad! I went in to work as I normally do and found I wasn't on the schedule anymore! I asked my boss what was going on and he shrugged his shoulders and said he had no idea, he made a phone call and then told me they had decided to cut me because I didn't have enough availability and there wasn't enough hours to go around... I was going to quit anyway but they could of at least called me and professionally told me what was going on, instead of me walking in to make a fool of myself, I mean, if I was going to quit I would at least give them notice, isn't that the professional thing to do? Well, I guess it's all for the best, I still work 2-3 days a week at my other job which I really like and it gives me time to do my art at home... you would think I would but no I find other things to do because lately I have no inspiration! well maybe a little... I've always liked to march to a little bit of a different beat, what I mean is I love creating my mixed media girls but sometimes I just get tired of doing the same thing,I usually won't do what others are doing, for example, .. like Fridas ( which I adore) but I feel I just can't make something any better than whats out there. For example Flor Larios' Fridas, so gorgeous, how could I make anything better than that!!!!So I just never go there. Alice in Wonderland is a huge theme and I have been asked to do a few, I have refused because there's so much amazing "Alice" art out there,... until now, I just fell in love with Alice in Wonderland when I went to see the movie and in 3D no less... I came home and just had to put on canvas, or wood or paper, what I see. I do feel though that my art is changing, maybe that why it's not selling as well but I have to do what my creative spirit is telling me to do, not what I should be doing to sell more art. It's about unleashing that creativeness not about mass production, that's how I see it anyway!
up above is my Alice Art Block... I haven't finished it yet ... but it does make me smile... I have something special in mind for this one, I will show it to you all when I'm done though...

And here's two tiny paintings of Alice and the Mad Hatter... I still have one more little one I'm working on... yes you guessed it... the Queen of's a preliminary sketch in Red color pencil (I do most of my sketches in colored pencil... don't know why)... they measure 4x4...have you ever tried to do a mixed media on a small canvas? Don't know what I was thinking but it's not easy!!!

here's "Alice, Alice"

"The Mad Hatter had some Tea"

Queen of Hearts...

Anyway, i started all of these more than three weeks ago and then the job thing happened and I lost all train of thought. I know I need to get past it but I'm just still ticked off about it!!!

Ok.. I'm not going to go there again... sorry about all the venting! I promise not to stay away so long anymore!
Oh and I forgot to mention, I decided to start my own facepainting business, I even did a free facepainting for my daughter's "Relay for life" event at the University of South Florida in Tampa last weekend, I have to say that this years event planners did not do such a great job at getting the word about the event out there and there were very few people, so we didn't raise that much money for the event but I did get some practice on facepainting, here's a picture of my Daughter, Lauren and Calli, my son's new puppy... It's a little blurry, its on my camera phone!


Nicola said...

Hi there I'm sorry to hear about your job, I totally agree with you I think that was very unprofessional of them. You are a wonderful artist and I'm glad you are getting out of your slump, I love your work and find you very inspirational. Have you ever tried making jewellery out of your art? I make pendants out of mine and find that people really seem to like wearing a little piece of art, I can see your Alice images in lovely little lockets! :0) I look forward to seeing your Queen of Hearts she looks great already :0) take care

Sophia said...

So sorry to hear what you have been going through. Ugh! Keep your chin up. You will get through the slump. We've all been there.

I love your new Alice mini paintings. Adore! Your is still a great inspiration to me. :)

And your daughter Lauren is beautiful.

Happy Friday!!! Hugs and much love!

PBsArtStudio said...

Thanks so much Nicola and Sophia for the support and your lovely comments... I have made pendants of my art but I haven't tried to sell any yet, but i soon will! Thanks so much for stopping by

Ayala Art said...

I love 4x4 art! Your work is beautiful and I hope you find your muse soon again!
Make a Frida! I love them ALL lol
Just do what brings you joy and feels better for you.
Thanks for sharing!

Micki said...

Sorry to hear about your job!! Sounds like you are better off without it though?!

The face painting business sounds like a great idea and i'm sure it will keep you busy!!

Love all your new paintings, especially the top one!!


Micki x

Diane said...

Is that unprofessional or what? I think it's better not to work in that kind of work place anyway, plus, you know. everything is for a reason. You are so talented--I'm glad that you're getting back into your art--I loved the movie too!

Diane said...

Plus...I forgot that I love your little Alice works, especially the first one--it's very special!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see your Frida!
I know you're amazingly talented and your art just shines so much!
Sorry to hear about how you lost the job, it wasn't kind of them to do it this way. They just didn't have the guts to be nice, how bad is this!
Glad you still have the job you enjoy.
Loads of love!


PBsArtStudio said...

Thank you all, it makes me feel better just to have someone sympathize with me!!!:)HAHA! thanks for the lovely comments, maybe someday I'll make a Frida... I can never say never, especially now that I've succumbed to Alice! I so appreciate you all stopping by and making me feel so much better, I should have blogged sooner! LOL

Pilgrim of the moon said...

Hola preciosa, siento mucho lo del trabajo. Creo que en momentos así (y siempre) es muy importante recordar que todo sucede por una razón....quien sabe!!! igual detrás de ésta perdida se halla una gran momento conservas el trabajo que te gusta y tienes más tiempo para tu maravilloso arte....Por otro lado creo que tienes que pintar lo que tu corazón te pida, sin mirar el trabajo de otros tu alma te pide a Frida, no lo pienses...y hazlo.Un fuerte abrazo.

daisydolls said...

I had an enormous amount of inspiration from that movie as well. Tim Burton is fabulous isn't he!! I love all your pieces and especially the one at the top of Alice with her striped tights. You have a beautiful style, keep doing what your doing. We as artists need to create what's exciting and inspirational and stop thinking about the mass production like you said. I find myself getting so caught up with that all the time and it's nice to hear someone else thinks about it as well.

SKIZO said...


Flor Larios Art said...

Hi Patti,

I am not very good with words... but here I go;
Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad, regarding your old job and your art.
It is very hard out there... for me it is the competition, the skills, my insecurities, and the not selling at times.
Thank you for mentioning my Frida Art but I believe that your art is special and beautiful and you should paint a Frida...I would love to see it!
I wish you the best and keep going...never stop!
A big hug for you,

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Patti! So sorry to hear about your other job. It was terrible the way they handled it. I'm glad that you have been given more time for artistic play. Your Alice inspired creations are magical! I so enjoyed the movie too. Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Glad to know that I'm not alone when it comes to messy work spaces. Blessings to you! :)

Joella said...

I stumbled across your blog while visiting your etsy page... you have beautiful work! I'm your newest follower:)

Brigitte aka Scrappassie said...

Sorry about your job, that was NOT a nice way to do this ! Hope you can leave it behing and create some more art, because I totally love it. Can't stop looking at Alice, and trying to figure out the techniques you used, but I know I can't do it. You're very talented !

Annette Q said...

Hi Patti,
what can I sorry to hear about your job, its their loss I'm sure!
Your newest painting are gorgeous! Love love love your Alice in Wonderland and I am SURE that I would love your Frida's too...
Hope your having a lovely week :-)

Michele said...

I love your Alice in Wonderland paintings! And I can't wait to see the Queen of Hearts one, she looks fabulous already!

I'm sorry to hear about losing your job, though I hope things are better now, and it must be nice to work at a place anymore that you hated. :)


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