Thursday, February 25, 2010


Since I don't have any new paintings to post I decided to post this one little painting I had done about 2 years ago when I started doing angels, I liked her so much I decided to keep her and kept her in a corner of my art room and totally forgot about her until recently, there's a kinda darkness about her, don't know what I was thinking but i still like her a lot.. shes called "cross my heart"

Also if anyone is interested I decided to do a giveaway of one of my art pendants on my facebook so join me there and then comment me with number from 1- 100. I'll pick a number randomly from those chosen on the 28th of Feb. Just thought I'd do something different!


Nicola said...

I think she is gorgeous, I love 'the darkness' about her. Beautiful piece, and I'm off to check out this facebook giveaway!! yay!!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

This is a beautiful painting and I can totally understand why you wanted to keep her!!

Julie-ann Bowden said...

Your art always gives me such softness of spirit. Lovely to see your art new or older.

Sending you love!


Juliette Crane said...

i just adore your artwork. so sweet and beautiful! i am so glad to have found your blog! best wishes!
xo, juliette.


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