Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank you Kolleen so much for this award! I have not had a chance to post it, but better late than never right? Ten Things I love the most....ugh, there's more than ten, it's really hard narrowing it down! here goes and not in order:
1) spending time with my Kids, Brett, Lauren and Wes!
2) finding cute little restaurants and shops to explore with my Husband ( mind you, there has to be something good for him, so it has to involve, beer, Ice cream and/or sports, somehow)
3) taking three hour long naps with the window open and a nice soft breeze or on a rainy day with my dog Lucy.
4) going to Costa Rica to visit my family
5) My days off of work! (even though I like my jobs)
6) spending the day in my PJ's
7) goofing off with my family
8) building sandcastles and looking for seashells at the beach
9) rummaging through antique shops or thrift stores
10) exploring amazing blogs and artwork

PHEW!... that was hard! and now the hardest part: I pass this along to some of my favorite blogs...

1 comment:

Kolleen said...

i loved hearing more about you!!!!

last saturday i spent the afternoon rummaging through antique stores...while the rain was pouring down! it was such a great day!!!

happy saturday!



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