Monday, January 18, 2010


There is so much catching up for me to do, one of my favorite things is to explore blogs, what a great invention!!!! I don't even hardly watch TV anymore! I have found some really great new blogs but I also love exploring blogs I have followed since i discovered blogging! But I get really distracted( I'm already distracted easily) and sometimes I feel like I should be doing productive things... but Blogging and discovering blogs is productive, right?
Any way I wanted to show everybody what I've been up to, some new paintings, I'll post some more later but this one is one of my favorites... It's called "Happy Cake" and I'll put it up on Etsy Tomorrow.

"mmm....Happy cake for happy days
all I want is Happy cake for a rainy day or a happy day...just give me more Happy Cake...make me smile...and sing... for Happy Cake"

The "story" behind this little painting is a small fantasy of mine. I have always wanted to be a cake decorator( no, I've never tried ( but I love watching all the shows on food network) about cakes!)and I fantasize about someday taking a course on making cakes! I do love cake. So I guess you could say this is a "self portrait" though it's from when I was younger, HAHA! The little poem on her shirt is... Yes you guessed it ...written by me...
I am a "wanna be" poet!HEHE!
And the reason it's called "Happy Cake" well, my two year old Niece, Charlie and Nephew, Liam ( the most adorable set of twins) call any cakes "happy cake", they always think it's someone's birthday when they see a cake so I have to continue the tradition, so thanks Charlie and Liam for helping me name this painting!

by the way, the Happy cake is Strawberry shortcake... my favorite! It looks good doesn't it?
I have 5 new paintings to put up, so stayed tuned!!!I'll post a new one soon!


nacherluver said...

Adorable! I love the whole story behind the piece. Thanks for sharing ;)

Diane said...

I love "Happy Cake"--the painting, the poem and how it's placed on her dress--it makes me happy :)

Pease Porridge said...

Oh, Yum! I love Happy Cake! Look at all those layers. I also love your pics from Sea World. I would love to watch sea horses and an octopus. How fun!

Nicola said...

Such a sweet piece!! Love the story behind it and the poem you are mulitalented!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and very cute.
Cake, Mmmmm It is virtual and can eat virtual, yeah!

Have a great week!



SonatasWelt said...

She is so sweet!!! And I want this cake!!! It looks yummy :)


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