Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well, as usual, December has crept up on me without me even noticing, I'm running out of time and haven't done even half the things I had to do, like put my Christmas cards up for sale! Ok... I think that each day in December should be 24 hours long,(working should only be about 4) and each night about 12, then we would have more time to do everything and get a good nights rest too! Yeah, I know, I'm confusing, confused and I think I'm dreaming too much...Sigh...

I have so many Christmas presents to create but one in particular I would like to show you.. it's for my Mother-in-law, She's a wonderful lady who is always there for me. A long, long time ago I used to make art-dolls, she loves Angels and I've painted a few for her through the years but one year in particular i made her an angel doll, I don't have a picture but it was very primitive made with crepe paper, dried flowers and mohair. She loved this Angel and only took it out for Christmas, then carefully wrapped it and put it away till the following year, but last year she regretfully had to throw it away as it had mildewed and the flowers had been eaten by bugs. she was very sad about it, so... this year I decide to make her a new one. I took a large Styrofoam cone and wrapped it in tissue paper and then I wrapped white bandage tape around it neck and wired arms. I cut up a pretty but old blouse my daughter had discarded and made a dress for the angel, then I formed a paper clay head and used pastel chalk to color its face,neck and arms and a little acrylic paint for the details and then I added natural wool roving for the hair( I couldn't find mohair) :(
then I added some man made willow branches and a bird on her head... and voila!
I think she turned out pretty good... in this picture I have not attached her wings, I'm still debating on what to use for wings... any ideas?
Maybe handmade collaged paper wings, or twigs

I later decided that I had a good model for a painting so this ones not an angel... Just a girl... haven't named her yet...any suggestions?


WrightStuff said...

She's so beautiful - in both her forms! How about Camelia?

Julie said...

Awww they both are just beautiful! I wish we had more hours in the day too...especially this time of year! : )

Anonymous said...

They are both so beautiful! The white and softness of their faces.

Sophia said...

haha I chuckled at your 24 hours comment...I'll go for the working only 4 hours a day....all year long! hahaha :)

Your gift for your MIL is lovely. She will be smiling!

I don't have half of what I wanted to get done either. ugh. Oh well, I'm still enjoying the holiday the best I can, despite starting all over in life and being in a brand new place knowing no one that well.


pinkglitterfae said...

what a wonderful gift for your mother in law! she will be so moved by this :-D
She may look good with twig wings, since she has a primitive look.

How on earth is it December already, Christmas is a few short days away, and wouldn't it be good to have a few more hours to create?

Ayala Art said...

She is beautiful!

Nicola said...

She is gorgeous!!!! Love the colours and tones you have used in this one, gorgeous work!!

Terri Kahrs said...

Oh, I'm sooo happy that you found my blog, because it led me to yours!!! First, I totally agree that there aren't enough hours. Second, your MIL will LOVE and cherish her new angel. OMG! She's stunning! As for a name, my suggestion is "Serena" because she's so beautiful and peaceful. Hugs, Terri xoxo

Deb Harvey said...

I love them both! Very special and wonderful!

I know what you mean about time... I'm running behind, as usual.

Have a great Holiday!

Nelly said...

Que ternura!!


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