Monday, October 19, 2009

The Old Armchair

I think what I love about blogging is making new friends and knowing that somehow we can make a connection, sometimes its because some of us are Artists and we think alike, or maybe its just knowing that maybe there's someone out there who will listen to our silly ramblings...OH, if only Van Gogh would have had a Blog! It's also knowing that there are still nice,giving people, who want to share their life with you, left in the world! But the best part is finding fun, beautiful, different, quirky things that you never dreamed of.. everyone has a story to tell or something fabulous to show, I love that!I have really had so much fun on this blogging thing and looking at other blogs has made realize, what an amazing world it has opened up for me.. Thank you all you wonderful bloggers, just wanted to let you know how much you make my day!

And so I'd like to share with you a little about an old Poem that I found,(And the painting it inspired) In an old book I found published in 1905, It's a collection of poems written by ordinary people. It's called..."the Old Armchair". It goes like this:

The Old Armchair... by Eliza Cook

I love it, I love it! and who shall dare
to chide me for loving that old armchair?
I've treasured it long as a sainted prize,
I've bedewed it with tears, I've embalmed it with sighs,
'Tis bound by a thousand bands to my heart;
Not a tie will break, not a link will start.
would you know the spell- a mother sat there!
And a sacred thing is that old armchair!

In childhood's hour I lingered near
the hallowed seat with listening ear
and gentle words that Mother would give
to fit me to die and teach me to live.
She told me that shame would never betide,
with truth for my creed, and God for my guide

She taught me to lisp my earliest prayer,
as I knelt beside that old armchair.

I sat and watched her many a day,
when her eyes grew dim and her locks where gray;
And I almost worshiped her when she smiled,
and turned from her bible to bless her child.
Years rolled on, but the last one sped,--
My Idol was shattered, my earth-star fled!
I learned how much the heart can bear
when I saw her die in that old armchair.

'Tis past, 'tis past, but I gaze on it now
with quivering breath and throbbing brow;
'Twas there she nursed me, 'Twas there she died
and memory flows with a lava tide.
Say it is folly and deem me weak
Whilst scalding drops start down my cheek;
But I love it, I love it and cannot tear
my soul from my mothers old arm chair

I thought that so beautiful and it really spoke to my heart, My mother passed away 3 and half years ago and I still miss her. I don't have an armchair but I kept a few of her favorite things and every once in a while I take them out and I can just feel her there! I am not sad though because I know she's in Heaven and happier than she was ever here on earth and someday I will see her again!

I Made this painting around this poem, because a poem like this is just too special to be lost in an old book. I tried to make the painting look old and worn like I imagine an old armchair would look after years of use.( Not a great picture, I'll post a better one later when I can take a picture in the light of day)


Val Zdero said...

Oh Patti, beautiful post, I so enjoyed reading it and I too agree with everything you have said about blogger, and finding friends, and sharing lives and stories.

The poem is so dear and the painting captures the poem 100% - it is another gorgeous artwork by you - cheers and all the best, Val xo

Anonymous said...

She is truly special! Love the armchair in her dress.

Micki said...

I too have found a whole new world within blog land, friends I never thought i'd make and such wonderful generous hearted people.

I think the poem you found is Beautiful and the painting fits it perfectly!

Micki x

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I totally agree with you about the friends we meet here. I just love it!
I can wander into one blog and be inspired to get out my watercolors, and then onto another and I'm cutting and gluing again. When I come to yours I'm just in awe of your pretty girls and I want to sketch some too!
Beautiful poem and beautiful painting Patti! Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. Beautiful art. It's always nice stopping by here. Very inspiring.

Kelly Lish said...

This piece is just lovely, and the magic of blogging and how wonderful it is, I soooo agree with you. How lucky we all are to have it in our lives!
I just love how soft your painting is- it really is touching.

Renee said...

I am sorry that your Mom has passed but your words and your painting are a wonderful tribute to her.

Renee xoxo

purplecat said...

Thankyou for sharing, what a touching poem and story. I am sure your Mum is looking down on you very proud.
Thanks for visiting my blog, and I am so glad you did, cause I found yours too!!!

Hugs Karen x

Bone*Head*Studios said...

I love the poem, what a touching tribute to mothers!!!Your art is very lovely .

fuikhvgjkguug said...



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