Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is Lucy

I still haven't uploaded my pics from my vacation, but I do have pictures of my new little Dog we adopted at the humane society, we've had her a month and a half now and her hair has finally grown in , she's a cocka-poo, we think she looks like the precious moments dog, so sweet, she's really grateful for her new home and she's already spoiled rotten! The other day, while we were out,( jumped over the gate we put up for her) she got into box of slim jims ( really big box that some one gave us) and she ate over half of them, then she stashed the other half around the house. I was sleeping last night and stuck my hand under my pillow and pulled a half chewed SJ out!!!! a half chewed one under my pillow!!!!

My daughter put a pink scarf on her head and said she was aunt jemima?

And here's a few pics of some new paintings .....


Kathleen said...

Love your artwork - and your doggie is so cute. that's too funny about the SJs!

Micki said...

Your doggy is the cutest!!
as always your artwork is fabulous!!

Micki x

Patricia González Palacios said...

Hi, your dog is very sweet, and your picture very beatiful. Sorry I' don't english. cariños paty

Anonymous said...

Your doggie is so sweet. Love your art too.

*Myrarte* said...

Bellisimas pinturas!!! ... como siempre me encantan.
Un beso grande!!!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I LOVE LUCY! haha She's a doll! Your new pieces are just beautiful, I really am drawn to your artwork! So cute!

Sharon said...

Oh Patti, had to stop at this post 'cause your little dog is soooo cute, and your paintings are adorable :)


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