Wednesday, August 26, 2009

back from Vacation!

I had a wonderful vacation,Didn't get a chance to blog though! i'll be posting some great pics soon, just thought I'd say Hi and thank all who commented on my paintings! I had the most adventurous vacation in Costa Rica! From a family reunion, family members I haven't seen in 9 years, to the most beautiful beaches and incredible treasure I found that I just have to show you!I even went on Canopy tour and stayed at my families Hotel ( can't get links to work, but check them out, they are great!)
...which I am very proud to say belongs to my cousins, who where the first to settle in this area and who started the skywalk! amazing place with cabins nestled in the only cloud forest in the world! monkeys, sloths, tucans and the most beautiful butterflies greet you everywhere! check them out, I'll be back to post some pics.


Val Zdero said...

WOW you lucky girl, sounds like a wonderful way to spend a few weeks and holidays are great to clear the mind and relax the body, something that should done as often as possible :) - I feel that I am due for a holiday very soon, must speak to hubby LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, your cousin's hotel is in an awesome place, must be so beautiful to visit here.
Thank you so much for sharing your holiday.
Looking forward to your holiday photo's.
Can totally understand you not blogging for a while, what a dream holiday and with the best people in your life!
Thank you so much for your warm message, I agree with you! Our inner child are so precious! I love looking at your art can see so much your inner child shinning through.


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