Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Village by the Sea"

I haven't blogged in so long!!! I've just been sooo busy with work and i really don't know what but any way my husband says I have ADHD , some time I think I do! i lose track of time very easily and get distracted with just about any little thing and completely forget what I'm doing, that's why I'm a terrible cook(thank goodness my husband like to cook and he cooks great! cause if i cooked it would be Cajun style every night!no, seriously I almost burned the house down cooking popcorn!I don't know my mind goes a mile a minute but don't ask me what i was thinking.....anyway a little related to all this is I love textures and cool backgrounds on my paintings, any paintings for that matter, but sometimes i forget how i did them! so I decided to revisit some of those texture and backgrounds, some I've just totally forgotten cause I'm always experimenting with new ones, I have been working non stop on these paintings and I've suddenly realised i have done 13 new paintings! some even new styles Ill post them little by little cause one of my other downfalls is I always feel like I need to be doing something else other than what I'm doing and posting thirteen new paintings I'm sure I'll get distracted in the process! I have been wanting to do something different from my girls so i did this collage... I'm pretty happy with it!Its got sea shells, a metal heart and bird and its beeswaxed! (click on image so you can see details).


Anonymous said...

Is this yours? I am so amazed, it is genius, you must do more of these! I love it totally! Wow girl what have you been hiding in this gifted mind of yours. I mean your art was awesome, this is your art stepped up a level, your buildings and your girls, wow! True arty people do have a terrible memory, because our mind is visually challenged. I am like this. When you described yourself, this is how I get and have been missed for being stupid while growing up and in my adulthood. The last couple of paintings I have remembered the techniques.
Your are a true artist girl!

Pease Porridge said...

Oh! I love this ! I love your girls too, but this is super interesting to fall into. Love all the little houses and the depth of the town. I wish I could do this. wow.


Pease Porridge said...

I don't know, Patti. This is pretty awesome. I might be able to try, but I doubt I would like it near as much.
Thanks for the sweet comment.


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