Monday, April 27, 2009

I am having a nice quiet day, doing all the things i haven't done in three weeks because of working so much, just enjoying going through everyone beautiful blogs. I started looking at some local art Galleries and have found some really cool art and it took me back to when i started to paint in watercolor, I just love watercolor and some of my favorite art is Mexican art , like Frida girls and spanish folk art. I tried my hand at doing some of these, a few years ago when i was trying to teach myself watercolor,  not Fridas but market women selling flowers or fruit, which is a typical scene in My country ( I was Born in Costa Rica, but have lived in the US since i was two although i have been there and lived there on and off through the years) i was experimenting with  watercolor on these and did like twenty or so, some even turned out to look Hawaiian???( don't ask!) and decided maybe i should  revisit these because i loved them so much, so maybe i'll start painting a few in my mixed media style, or maybe even in oils, who knows maybe i'll like them, in the meantime here's some of those old paintings.. i've just kept them in a box


Julie Fillo said...

I like the inscrutable look on the first ones face...

*myrarte* said...

I love your art! your paintings are very beautiful. Thanks for joining my blog.

Flor Larios Art said...

This is my first time on your blog...I like your delicate girls paintings...especially the long skinny necks!

*myrarte* said...

I have a little gift for you on my blog

Diane said...

This is so wonderful. I love the color and shape.

Soggy Dog said...

Hi Patti.
I love your ladies! Beautiful style!
I am not too far away from you - I live in Clermont!
Love to follow your blog! :) - Kim


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