Friday, March 27, 2009


so i have been really busy lately, seems the more i have on my plate the more i try to do!, oh well i love it!, Here are just a few of the paintings i've been working on, i tend to work in batches. I haven't put any up for sale yet don't know what i'm waiting for?


Naija said...

I think it better to sell a few art at time so the buyer have more options :)

PBsArtStudio said...

No i don't sell them in batches, I just make 4 or 5 paintings at a time.

BREATHE said...

I LOVE your work!!!If you want to sell somewhere else as well, ...go to think your paintings would be great on there!

PBsArtStudio said...

Thank you, I'll check out the site, and thanks for the nice comment and follow!

Fantastic Figments said...

She is just sooo sweet I adore your work!



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